ESS Move to Vibrant Ropewalks

ESS have moved into the Tea Factory, located in one of the most vibrant and creative areas of the Liverpool City Centre, Ropewalks. Supporting the creative industry, this is a fitting location for ESS, with an office space that includes meeting rooms and training suites.


The bohemian heart of Liverpool, RopeWalks is always bursting with art, music and culture. Home to the quirky Bold Street, lined with an eclectic mix of independent stores, coffee houses and restaurants, as well as a variety of cultural institutions including FACT, the Grade I listed Bluecoat and St Luke’s, known locally as ‘The Bombed Out Church’.

The area is named after its unique large 19th century warehouse buildings, once used for rope making during Liverpool’s maritime boom, and now home to a bustling community at the centre of Liverpool’s independent scene.

Not only is it a great place to shop, housing a vibrant mix of bookshops, vintage, vinyl and arts and crafts stores, but it’s also a great place to stay with a selection of chic hotels and apartments in the area, including The Nadler and EPIC Apartments, with properties on Seel Street, Campbell Street and Duke Street.

RopeWalks is perhaps, however, most famous for its vibrant food, drink and live music venues. Around the area you’ll find the Jacaranda, Motel, and Kazimier Gardens, all excellent choices if you fancy a tipple alongside some great music. Or head to Attic, Heebie Jeebies or Shipping Forecast if you fancy dancing all night until morning. Keep an eye out for local gig listings if you’re after a bit of live music, some great promoters putting on gigs in the area include Evol and Harvest Sun.

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Temporary Accommodation at Events

By Adam Parry – EIN

In a world that craves attention and admiration, experiences are increasingly favoured over the acquisition of consumer goods. Documented across a myriad of social media platforms, the more unique an occasion the greater the appreciation from followers and friends. As event professionals we are in a prime position to capitalise on this growing trend, so it’s worth thinking about what we can offer our customers and potentials, that is memorable and ultimately creates a tribe of brand ambassadors.

According to a recent survey, unusual venues are increasing in popularity across the event industry. Over 80% the of event professionals that were surveyed expressed an interest in using unique venues for the myriad of events from their combined portfolios, it should be emphasised that these unusual venues can also come as temporary accommodation options. So it’s worth considering wowing your guests with something a little bit different.

There is an increasing number of short-term accommodation options available for event professionals working across the industry, servicing the varying needs of festivals, corporate functions, sporting events, incentive activities and private party planning. We can be as creative as we want, but what should we be considering practically when choosing overnight accommodation options for our event?

TYPE OF ACCOMMODATION: When sourcing temporary accommodation for events a number of factors need to be considered, not least the type of accommodation that is chosen, which should be suitable for the intended use.  Are you offering accommodation units for an exclusive corporate event or do you require a unique structure for promoting a brand or creating a memorable experience?

For shorter events, the varying canvas options are easily constructed and packed away so belle tents, yurts and tipis make the ideal solution for short-term and pop-up events. For a more solid structure, there is a range of easily constructed modular designs with the extensive variations of glamping pods become increasingly popular. Such units are not only easy to use, but also make a striking addition to any event or campaign.

COST: As with all event briefs, budget needs careful consideration. Many providers of temporary accommodation for events are willing to negotiate and can be flexible with prices, particularly off-peak season, so it is worth researching options and negotiating before making a decision on which supplier to use.

TIMING: Event accommodation providers are busiest during the summer months, so it is wise to book as far in advance as possible for the months of June, July and August, especially if you are looking to accommodate a large number of guests with varying requirements.

Timescales for building an accommodation village will obviously vary depending on the number of units that need to be erected. A build can take anything from a few hours for a small event to one week to build a large-scale village of modular wooden units.

LOGISTICS & BUILD: Reputable companies will provide a professional build crew that is experienced and well-briefed about your event requirements. However, do bear in mind that as the event organiser, you may be responsible for supplying a forklift or telehandler, power supply and sanitation facilities for guests. Most event accommodation providers can recommend preferred suppliers if you need advice about which companies to use for infrastructure and build services.

SUPPLIER: It’s important for accommodation providers to service customer’s individual requests and budget. Companies should be adaptable to a full scope of potential events, large-scale festivals and sporting trials to corporate events, private parties and even marketing experiential campaigns. Providing units and interiors to fit the brief and guest requirements is an important part of the delivery. Interior options ranging from the luxurious, including real beds and mattresses, throws, rugs and scatter cushions; to the basic, which allows clients to decorate the units to fit their chosen theme, are both helpful options that are offered by an adaptable supplier.

Once these factors have been carefully considered and options researched creativity is key. With the attention to detail that Instagram favours a truly memorable event can be delivered, with some eye-catching structures that can mark your event or brand as one to watch.