Hotel Owners Face Trial Over Food Safety Breaches


Owners of Adelphi hotel face trial over food safety breaches

The owners of Liverpool’s Adelphi hotel are due to face trial today after being charged with a string of breaches of food safety laws.

The 402 room city centre hotel, on Ranelagh Place, is alleged to have contravened legislation demanding that food premises must be “clean or in good condition” and have “adequate procedures to control pests”.

Liverpool City Council is making the case against the hotel’s operators, Britannia Hotels Ltd based in Hale, Cheshire, which they have denied.

The hotel faces 20 charges, to which the owners have pleaded not guilty.

The Adelphi is alleged to have breached the Food Safety and Hygiene Regulations Act 2013, on September 29 2015, and March 18 and September 7 last year.

The key regulations state that;

A twin bedroom at the Adelphi Hotel

The layout, design, construction, siting and size of food premises are to permit good food hygiene practices, including protection against contamination, and, in particular, pest control;

Food is to be protected against any contamination likely to render it unfit for human consumption, injurious to health or contaminated in such a way that it would be unreasonable to expect it to be consumed in that state;

All articles, fittings and equipment with which food comes into contact are to be effectively cleaned, and where necessary, disinfected;

Food shall not be placed on the market if it is unsafe – and food shall be deemed to be unsafe after the use-by date has expired;



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