ESS provide a number of training courses to venues, production companies and events. Our training can be bespoke to your event, capturing specifics such as emergency arrangements etc. or one of our regular courses, such as Senior Managers Briefing, Crowd Planning or Event Production Safety course.

Take a look below at our courses and feel free to contact us for more details, or to book further.

ESS Training RoomSenior Managers Briefing

This course is delivered either at ESS offices or at your organisation. It is aimed at senior managers/staff for organisations such as venues and events.

The course provides an outline of responsibilities, criminal law, civil law, duty of care and the tort of negligence


img_0314Event Production Safety

This course is suited to production managers, event producers and event managers providing delegates with an overview of health and safety law, with more specific requirements relevant for events


js85441968Crowd  Planning

This course is delivered over a half day and provides an overview of planning for crowd management and key risk areas.

Ideally suited to staff that may be working on your event or venue floor, offering an understanding of crowd science and how to plan effectively


540cd13b37f50Drone and Event Awareness

Delivered to event organisers and event staff, helping you to understand the legalities of drone use at events and how to plan for them



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If you would like further information relating to courses, including course dates and costs etc. please feel free to contact us using the form below. Alternatively, our phone number is 0843 289 1097 and our email address is